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With over 50,000 active users and millions of unique impressions per month, NDX Market is already an established and recognized point of sale for millions of domains - all ND members are welcome to sign-up to NDX Market and start selling!

As the domain seller, you can choose to display domain traffic and revenue or email a PDF profile of your domain to interested buyers. To sell your domain on NDX Market you need:
A NameDrive account with a NDX Market nickname.
Domains under your ownership entered into the NameDrive system.
On NDX Market you can set domains to:
BuyNow - Final sales prices which set fair market value on the domain and do not require negotiation.
Auction - Potential buyers do not negotiate with you but make bids on a public auction which runs for a specified number of days. You can even choose which day and time zone the auction ends.

Once the sale is finalized, our escrow process, expedited by our professional transfer agents, ensures that domain and funds are exchanged as quickly as possible.

Find out more about selling on NDX Market by taking the NDX Market tour.

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