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About NameDrive Parking
  1. What is NameDrive parking?
  2. How does domain parking work?
  3. Great service. What’s the catch? What does it cost?
  4. Where do the advertisements on parked pages come from?
  5. How are the ads targeted?
What is NameDrive parking?

NameDrive Parking is a fully automated service enabling you to turn visits to your unused domain names into cash. Our system automatically places advertising on your domains targeted to their specific industry sector and in every major world language. Each time a visitor to your domain clicks on one of these ad links, you receive money. It's as simple as that.

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How does domain parking work?

Many domains receive type-in traffic. Type-in traffic refers to people looking for information or products online and, instead of doing a search engine query, type in that required information to their browser. This is also known as Direct Navigation.

For example, someone looking for trip facts online might simply type in www.tripfacts.com instead of searching for ‘trip facts’ in a search engine such as Google.

By allowing our users to park their domains with us, we are able to place mini-sites on unused domains with targeted adverts relevant to the visitors typing those specific names into their browser. In the case of www.tripfacts.com, adverts relating to trips. Every time a visitor clicks on the ads, our customer receives money.

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Great service. What’s the catch? What does it cost?

No fee, no contract, no catch. Parking with NameDrive is absolutely free of charge, you have no contractual obligations to keep your domains with us, you can add domains as you like, you can remove domains as you like, you can stop parking whenever you like, although we hope and believe you’ll never want to stop parking with us. You remain in complete control and ownership of your domains, we simply provide a platform to generate revenue from existing internet traffic.

Where do the advertisements on parked pages come from?

The adverts are generated by external advertising partners.

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How are the ads targeted?

Companies who pay to advertise online allocate certain advertising Keywords to their adverts. This means that their advertisements will only appear in certain contexts to guarantee that they are only seen by their target audience.

To ensure that targeted ads appear on your parked domains, we assign your domains keywords which are relevant to the domain names and correspond to the keywords set by our advertisers. This ensures that the advertisements which appear on your domains are relevant to the visitors’ requirements.

In addition, we track every visitor's country of origin and display the page in that country's language. Working with an ad provider which has extensive global coverage means we can ensure that users see targeted advertising, wherever they are from.

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